Grilled Beef & Polenta – Villanelle NYC

Nothing like grilled beef and polenta to keep you warm ( 📷 by @signebirck )

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If there is one thing in the world we know best about, its beef. It started from the day I was born. Of course my love for meat evolved past the typically chicken nugget. Today, my brother and I are in the BIG APPLE, New York City. Without a doubt, NYC is one of the largest food hubs in the world. With an estimated 24,000, yes you read that correctly, restaurants in the city. Big bro and I had to do it up big time.

It was around noon and we had began to feel our stomachs begging us to be fed. We quickly did a google search of the area, which happened to be restaurants in Greenwich Village. After stumbled through many different menus, we both decided on a restaurant called Villanelle.

Immediately as we walked in, we knew we had made the correct choice. The atmosphere was lively and welcoming. We settled down for some really unique cocktails. They were excellent as well. I decided to order the grilled beef and polenta and let me tell you something folks. This was hands down one of my most favorite meals I’ve ever eaten in NYC. The beef has such flavor and was cooked to perfection. All their ingredients are sustainable and local sourced, something you could actually taste while eating. Believe me when I say I will definitely be returning to Villanelle and so should you.

15 E. 12th St. New York, NY 10003